Check List Before Departure

  • Check List Before Departure

It is recommended not to pack items which can be purchased in the Philippines due to flight baggage allowance and to take precautions against losing your belongings.

♦ Check List

Items Details Required
Passport Photos
Passport validity should be over 6 months upon arriving in the Phils. 5 passport photos for the documents (Visa, SSP, etc.).
2cm x 2cm size, white background, w/ ears shown, no eye glasses.
Flight Ticket Check and confirm if the passenger’s name on the ticket is the same as it appears on his/her passport. International round-trip plane ticket is needed. In case of loss, it is recommended to make a photocopy of the ticket.
Insurance This insurance can be useful in the Philippines in case of accident, emergency or medical problems.
Money Exchange It is recommended to prepare big bills(US$100 or US$50 or 10,000peso)
Miscellaneous Fee A boarding deposit $100 (but will be refunded upon checking out), SSP, ACR and VISA
International Debit card Maestro/Cirrus can possibly be used in a Philippine ATM machines.

♦ Materials for Class and Study

Items Details Required
Dictionary To help find the meaning and pronunciation of words in class.
Books MK prescribes textbooks and handouts.
Stationary Items For taking down notes.
Laptop The internet connection is installed for student’s use.
(Internet access in school through a network connection is available.)
220V ->110V
110V Adaptor
The Philippines has 220V but you need to bring a 110V type adaptor because outlets are in a different form.
English Nickname Students are requested to have an English name which shall be used during the period of stay.

♦ Clothing and supplies (college classes, internship attendants have dress codes – sleeveless and short shorts, clothes, slippers)

Items Details Require
Underwear, sock, etc One underwear each day.
Short pants and shirts 4-5 shirts, 2~3pants.
Long pants and long sleeves 1~2 pieces.
Sandals, slippers Korean products have good quality. However in the Philippines you still need to find better design and quality.
Shoes, Running shoes Formal attire is required to some government institutions therefore formal shoes might be needed.
Glasses It is advisable to have extra glasses, lens, and saline solution.
Sun Glasses It protects you from the sunlight and its fashionable.
Swim Suit For weekend activities.

* Please do not use sensitive and expensive clothes because the laundry machine is strong and might damage your garments.
* If you do so, you may have it hand washed or dry-cleaned.

♦ Toiletries

Item Details Require
Personal necessities toothpaste, toothbrush, shaver, soap, shampoo, towel, etc.
Cosmetics For travelling.
Sun Cream Needs for weekend activities, etc.

♦ Others

Item Details Require
Medicine Simple medicine for fever, cough, stomachache, etc.
Umbrella For rainy season or too sunny days.
Camera, Battery Taking pictures of good memories.